How i Run in Dubai Heat

How i Run in Dubai Heat



* Run early in the morning before 6 am or in the evening, i find it’s slightly better after 8 pm. Drink water and take electrolytes.

* Run slightly further because you’ll be going at a slower pace for a given effort / heart rate. If you wanted to run 10 km at 5.00 min km pace, but you can only manage 5.30 or 5.45 pace, then extend your run to 11 km. Just make sure you have enough fluid to stay hydrated.

* Stay close to home for long runs, i do 15 to 30 minute loops then go inside and cool off to re-hydrate, i put ice cubes in my cap and cool my neck and wrist points with ice. The ice cubes last about 15 minutes and you will feel cooler and more likely to maintain your usual pace. You won’t lose any fitness by taking the cool off breaks as long as you keep them to no more than 2 minutes.

* If you are doing an interval session, adjust the intervals in order to continue running at your normal paces. You can do this by:

  • Running shorter work intervals. Do 6 x 2.5 minutes instead of 3 x 6 minutes.
  • Take longer recoveries between intervals to cool off and re-hydrate so you are ready for the next interval.
  • I use ice cubes in my cap and cool my neck and wrist points with the ice between intervals.
  • Stay close to home so you can go inside and cool off if things get really bad.

*  If it’s a particularly bad day i will run on the treadmill or during the months of June until the end of August Dubai World Trade Center has an indoor track of 600 m which is free and great to use any time of the day. It’s great for interval training and you can do your long run or part of it on the track.

*  Wear sun screen to protect your skin, wear a cap or long shirt and avoid the direct sun.