Wellness by Paige Johnson

Wellness by Paige Johnson

How You And Your Family Can Get Back On The Wellness Track This Spring


Winter can be a long, drawn-out season that keeps us indoors snuggled under a blanket for far too long, and when spring rolls around, we tend to look for new ways to get in some daily exercise while enjoying the warmer weather. Getting the family involved is always a good idea, as it can provide more motivation for everyone, boost energy and mood levels, and help adults with joint or back pain. It can even help fight off depression and can assist individuals who are battling substance abuse.


Here are a few of the best tips on how to get fit once winter winds die down.


Play family games


When the weather is nice, get outside and play some games as a family. Soccer or tennis at the park, t-ball and badminton in the yard, or even just a walk after dinner can be great ways to get in a workout while spending time with your loved ones.


On rainy or chilly days, push the furniture back and throw on some good music so you can dance with your kiddos. You can change things up by turning off the lights and giving the kids flashlights to create a strobe effect.


Go for a swim


If the public pool isn’t open yet, consider taking the family to the local YMCA to go for a swim at the indoor pool. Swimming is wonderful exercise and you can keep things fun by having the kids engage in races from one end to the other and games such as diving down for small toys.


Do yard work


When the last of the snow has melted away, it’s a great time to get outside and start planning a lovely garden or do some landscaping. Put the kids to work in the yard raking leaves, planting flowers or veggies, and collecting debris to throw away. By the time summer rolls around, your lawn will be looking fabulous and you’ll have spent some nice quality time with the family on a project that benefits everyone.


Plan out the weekends


Everyone needs a break now and then, but don’t let the weekends become a lazy time full of television and tablets. Instead, plan something fun for at least one day, such as a hike or a trip to the zoo. Think of things you can do as a family that will allow you to get outdoors and get moving rather than staying sedentary.


Change your diet


If your kids are resistant to change where meals are concerned, think about making small changes to the way your family eats. For instance, switching out lettuce for spinach and chopped kale, two of the best things you can eat where vitamins are concerned. On spaghetti night, use whole wheat pasta, which has no refined sugars, and check the label on your sauce jar to make sure it doesn’t have a ton of sugar. Drinking plenty of water all day long can also help you feel full, and of course has the added benefit of keeping you hydrated and feeling good. Cut back on red meats and add more chicken and fish to the menu rotation.


Changing the way you and your family eat and move may seem like an overwhelming challenge at first, but it’s important to read the labels at the supermarket and do some research on what you’re actually buying. Sugars and a lack of daily exercise are a big contributor to obesity and prediabetes and can be found in many items.


Author: Paige Johnson at Learnfit.org