Running Technique Coaching



Running technique is not just about the way your foot lands it’s about movement patterns which involve the whole body. Over time our bodies forget how to run efficiently from the repetition of poor movements over and over again.  If you keep running with an incorrect running form as soon as you increase your mileage or intensity, your body will break down and injuries may occur.

The body can re-learn the correct movement pattern through repetition, so that all the necessary muscle groups work together efficiently.

My Running Technique Coaching Program is designed to teach people to use their body more efficiently, run further and faster, helping to reduce the risk of injury.


The program includes:

Consultation, before and after video and analysis of running form

4 x Running Technique sessions

Strength, muscle activation exercises and flexibility work designed for runners to help prevent injuries and correct imbalances

4 week Running Coaching plan

Option to join my Tuesday’s running/yoga session at The Mongomerie Golf Club, Emirates Hills. (This depends on your current fitness levels)

For more information and other Coaching options and pricing contact:

email:  or tel: +971 52 977 9426