Tips for keeping fit during Ramadan



During the month of Ramadan you can still workout and maintain your current fitness level. It’s best not to try and gain fitness but to just maintain the fitness level you are at now. Some people choose not to exercise at all during this time but if you don’t do any exercise for 1 month your fitness levels will be back to the level you were at 4 months before and it will take longer to get back to your current fitness level.

Here are some tips to help you to maintain your fitness levels and stay healthy while fasting:

*  Aim to workout just before Iftar (the meal that breaks the fast) or rise well before sunrise and workout before having a morning meal.

*  Try to exercise 3 times a week.

*  Choose low impact exercises such as Yoga, or Pilates.

*  Choose light cardio exercises and keep lifting weights to maintain muscle strength.

*  Don’t over eat during the evening, people gain weight during Ramadan because they over eat on junk, fried and sugary foods.

*  Choose nutritious, balanced foods and eat fruits for desert instead of cakes and chocolates.

*  Hydrate well with plenty of water and avoid teas, coffee’s and sodas as these will dehydrate you further.

*  Take a multivitamin.